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Why Fire Protection Is a Matter of Concern for Substation Transformers

Many domestic and industrial activities are largely dependent on electric power.  However, without transformers, electric power can’t be consumed or distributed effectively. Many Transformers use oil, which is a flammable material. Thus, should the transformer be exposed to a naked flame, fire may erupt, and the whole system could go down. Besides an open flame, sometimes there may be electrical sparks due to electrical contacts in a transformer. Fire can also erupt that way. Should a transformer shut down due to a fire occurrence, there are consequences to be faced. Thus, it is crucial to have critical infrastructure protection plans in place for substation transformers

Below are more reasons why fire protection is a matter of concern for substation transformers:

For Uninterrupted Power Supply

Companies may be unable to provide their customers with interrupted Power supply if they have no transformer firewall in place. Since transformers help in power distribution, if it is damaged by fire, there will be no power supply until it is either changed or replaced. Now, what happens when there’s no power due to a fire-damaged transformer? Hospitals will have no power supply, companies will have no power to run their activities, there will be no power at home and offices, and lots more. 

A perfect example of the consequences of power interruption can be drawn from the wildfire incident in California, where local electric companies had to turn off the power. That incident affected about a million people for a whole day. Although, the power wasn’t shut off to cause problems, but as a preventive measure against a rampaging wildfire. It will amaze you to know that during that short window of no power, a man lost his life because he couldn’t get oxygen. That’s not all. Thousands also recorded a significant loss to their businesses from a financial perspective. Remember that the power was cut off just as a preventive measure. Now, imagine if the fire erupted, and the substation was destroyed. That means the people in that locality would have been for much longer without power supply. Thus, more people may have to die, and businesses will record more losses. 


If the transformer of a company gets damaged by fire, the company will be unable to provide its customers with power. If this remains unresolved for days, it may damage the reputation of the company. The company will also have to pay for it. They’ll lose customers who’ll look for other serious-minded companies that can provide them the power they need. Some customers might even file a lawsuit against the power company. However, the simple act of installing fire protection for substation transformers can help to prevent all these. 

Essentially without a transformer, there’ll be no power. Without power, subways and trains can’t operate, gas pumps won’t work; people can be stuck in elevators, not for minutes, but hours. Without power, the economy of a whole city can crumble. It is, therefore, crucial to have fire protection for substation transformers to ensure an uninterrupted power supply. For more information, kindly visit

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