Battery Separators And

Protect Energy Storage From Collateral Damage


Battery Fire Heat Shield

Our new Battery Fire Heat Shields are easy to install and allow for the installation of battery arrays in populated areas or in situations where spacing is not practical. Custom designed to protect battery installations and arrays providing rated separation and protection.
Our heat fire barrier kits are designed for use with all size batteries and battery pack arrays to provide asset protection and minimal spacing.



    We specialize in battery and energy storage system protection using fire barriers.

    NFPA 855 states that batteries must be spaced 10 ft apart from one another. With our battery shields, you are now able to maximize space at your facility by placing your batteries 3 ft apart!

    Always Protecting™ large and small facilities and shovel ready, our Battery Separators help assure resiliency, compliance, safety and security while saving you insurance costs!

    Our modular barriers designs and systems for racks, shelves, cables and controls can enhance your projects, helping assure approvals, minimize compliance costs and bring confidence to your design.

    Please contact us with questions and your most difficult protection problems. 


    Meet Fire And Environmental Compliance Simultaneously!

    • Prevent Thermal Runway and Cascading Heat and Fire Events
    • No suppression or sprinkler needed for compliance
    • Allows for 3 foot separation between batteries saving space and money
    • Manages Fire, Explosion, Arc Flash and Heat
    • Fits in Narrow Spaces
    • Lowers Risk and Cost For Insurance
    • Rated Energy Storage Facilities
    • Solutions for Separation and Compliance
    • Meet NFPA 855 Standards for Energy Storage Facilities
    • Environmentally Friendly Approach Assures Approvals
    • Modular Designs Conform to Your Site Layout
    • Customized Separations, Wraps and Coating Barriers for protection
    • Solutions for Energy Storage and Battery Facilities
    • Solutions for Cable Protection, Controls and Sensitive Equipment
    • Minimize Collateral Damage with Containment
    • Intumescent and Phase Change Materials Solutions
    • Basalt Fire and Heat Protection Solutions
    • Provides Physical protection in ambient temperatures
    • Provides Containment of Fire and Explosion from Energy Releases

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