Ballistic Fire Barriers

Protect From Fire, Explosions, And Gunfire

Designed for superior protection of soft targets and deployed nationally, Ballistic Fire Barrier is the leader in substation and critical infrastructure protection providing installation to 60’ tall and 150 MPH wind load. Steel and panel assembly provide modular capabilities with ballistic and fire panels to provide transformer and critical equipment protection barrier solutions at the lowest size and cost. Save yourself from extra insurance costs by installing our barriers to meet compliance!

  • Ballistic level 3 and 8
  • Modular and portable
  • Customized to your size and site conditions
  • Fire Rated Barriers for transformers, substations,
  • Critical infrastructure protection and threat
  • Rated for sniper fire
  • NERC and CIP compliant
  • Easy 16′ OC pier foundations
  • Heights to 60′ and 150 MPH wind load
  • Installations meet NFPA 850 for line of sight

    fire barriers, firewall construction, critical infrastructure protection