Critical Infrastructure Protection

For over 30 years DuraBarrier USA has provided innovation, design and authority on the use of fire barriers and enhanced fire barriers to contain and protect all types of infrastructure, critical equipment, people, places and things.  We protect critical infrastructure industries in the energy and industrial sector.  Our innovative and modular fire barrier designs protect substations, industrial facilities, underground configurations and several other types of infrastructure from fires, explosions, sabotage, gunfire, arc flash, and other types of incidents.  DuraBarrier USA is Always Protecting™.


Modular transformer fire wall barriers and explosion barriers customized to your size and site conditions. Barriers are rated for separation from both sides and available in any height to 60′ tall. These fire barriers protect building, people, sensitive equipment, critical infrastructure and other transformers from transformer fire and explosion and are deployed at 100’s of substations across the United States. The product installs quickly and easily on pier foundations up to 16′ OC and design wind loads up to 152 MPH. Installations meet NFPA 850 for Line of Sight protection compliance. Meets insurance requirements.


Designed for superior protection of soft targets and deployed nationally, Ballistic Fire Barrier is the leader in substation and critical infrastructure protection providing installation to 60′ tall and 150 MPH wind load. Steel and panel assembly provide modular capabilities with ballistic and fire panels to provide transformer and critical equipment protection barrier solutions at the lowest size and cost.

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