Transformer Fire Barriers

Prevent Collateral Damage From Transformer Fires

Our Modular Transformer Fire Barriers are designed and fabricated to protect other transformers from fires and explosion with minimal environmental impact. These particular barriers are shovel ready and are deployed at 100’s of substations across the United States. Our Transformer Fire Barriers focus on the protection and security of smaller pieces of the power grid. They provide seismic compliance and are modular, scalable, and customizable for multiple applications.  Our barriers are also the perfect solution for transformers located near waterways where dangerous runoff from  the use of sprinkler systems or chemicals could pollute rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater, and oceans.  When transformers fail, our Fire Barriers eliminate the possibility of collateral damage. 

Our innovative barriers are modular, scalable, and customizable to fit any application. View the videos below for an example on how they're assembled and used.


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