Fire Barrier Solutions

Customized for your site conditions to protect people, buildings, energy stores,  and critical infrastructure from fire, explosion, and ballistic attack.  Pier installation offers lower install cost than with concrete curbs.

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Building Products

Our building products protect critical parts of your architecture, including fire rated panels, doors, openings, boxes, cabinets, and cables. We customize our solutions to your site to protect from fire and explosion.

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Innovative Solutions

Our groundbreaking new innovations in critical infrastructure protection include basalt fabrics and intumescent substances that expand under intense heat, displacing oxygen and stopping fire at the source.

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NEW from Fire Barrier Experts

What are you protecting, and what are you protecting it from?

Built on the principles of Industrial Engineering, Safety, and Security, for over 30 years Sinisi has provided innovation, design and authority on the use of fire barriers and enhanced fire barriers to contain and protect all types of infrastructure, critical equipment, people, places and things.

We bring our Subject Matter Expertise and experience to every client and understanding the “Voice of the Client” is always the first step…. At Sinisi, we want to know what are you protecting and what are you protecting it from so we can offer you World Class “Safe By Design” solutions that meet your goals and objectives… Always Protecting™


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