Washington DC Critical Infrastructure

national harbor washington dc
National Harbor, Washington DC

Washington DC is our nation’s capital and contains many offices and headquarters for sectors of the US government that deal with the protection and growth of critical infrastructure. Among several of these offices is the Department Of Homeland Security, FEMA, FHWA, the US Department of Energy, and many others.

It’s no surprise that because so many critical infrastructure agencies are headquartered here, that Washington DC is considered a critical infrastructure key location in the United States. Besides the headquarters and businesses located here, Washington DC is located between two waterways, the Ptomac and the Anacostia which makes the area prone to flood hazards. Critical infrastructure is essential in this area to prevent flooding. In 2011 a seawall was built around the Blue Plains wastewater treatment plant to deal with this oncoming issue. It is expected to be complete in 2021.

A DC infrastructure academy was opened in 2018 by Mayor Muriel Bowser which is a partnership between DC Government and utility, union, university, and private sector partners that will provide a pipeline to in-demand infrastructure jobs. This organization provides training and other programs to help residents secure high-paying and long term employment in high demand critical infrastructure construction and critical infrastructure protection jobs.  This addition makes DC play a key role in the critical infrastructure industry.

At Sinisi Solutions, we are proud to serve the DC infrastructure sector with shovel ready infrastructure projects that include affordable and modular fire barriers and other fire protection solutions to protect transformers, energy storage, and critical buildings from fire, explosions, ballistic fire, and terrorist attacks.  We are Always Protecting™.