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Guide To Transformer Fire Safety Practice

Transformers are highly useful yet dangerous equipment. Unfortunately, transformer fire is usually catastrophic, causing immeasurable damages. As a result of this, it is necessary to carry out certain safety practices and critical infrastructure protection.

 These practices can be in form of preventive measures, or proactive steps to be taken in the case of a transformer fire outbreak, and below are some of them: 

The Use Of Transformer Fire Separation

One of the most effective ways to keep a transformer fire at bay is to use a separation. This acts as a physical barrier to the fire, and when done properly, the fire from one transformer will not spread to adjacent transformers or other important parts of your operations. Doing this minimizes the level of damages to your business and saves you from the expenses that come with the transformer fire. The causes and risks of transformer fire are somewhat hard to place; however, as time goes by, business owners now have a better understanding of how to limit its occurrence. 

Gain As Much Knowledge As Possible

Sometimes the causes of a transformer fire can be hard to pinpoint. It can be caused by arcing within the tank, an outdated electrical grid, high pressure, and many more. Gaining more knowledge about this helps you know how best to prevent a fire accident from happening or how to keep it from spreading should it happen. 

The Transformer Separation System Should Meet Certain Requirements

Using a transformer fire separation is not enough, but using one that is able to serve its purpose effectively. This system should be able to offer up to six hours of resistance, and it should also be able to meet the NFPA 850 requirements. The benefit of this type of transformer fire separation system is its ability to fit even in tight places. It is also able to resist both seismic activities, and wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour. 

Explore Other Options

You can explore other transformer fire separation options like a lightweight modular system. This kind of system only requires bolting the panels together, and it has proved to be highly effective. There is a pre-engineered transformer fire barrier system that supports different designs. However, these systems accommodate designs with a height of 32 feet and no specific length. These systems have the ability to provide barriers of about 16 feet between the columns. 

It is important to consider a transformer fire separation system when you have a transformer on your property. This helps you safeguard other important items on your property, and it also goes a long way to spare you from unnecessary loss and damages. You can always get customized systems from specific manufacturers. This system will be created to meet your specific needs. 

When it comes to transformers, you are advised to seek the help of professionals when looking to carry out preventive steps against a transformer fire. For more information about this, visit

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