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5 Extraordinary Reasons To Choose DuraBarrier USA

Fire can occur anywhere at any time and for many reasons. Fire is a big threat to life and property. It can take lives and destroy infrastructure. It is, therefore, necessary to take proper fire safety measures and stay prepared. DuraBarrier USA is a reliable critical infrastructure protection firm. Our modular fire barriers protect critical infrastructures from fire, explosion, and other accidents. Critical infrastructure plays a vital role in the progress of society. So the continuous functioning, maintenance, and safety of critical infrastructure components like electrical grids are of utmost importance. Their destruction can impact a nation’s social and economic security and destabilize entire systems. Critical infrastructure faces various threats, and this is why critical infrastructure protection is extremely important.

1.      Innovative Fire solutions: DuraBarrier USA offers you many options for fire protection, such as-

  •  Modular  Fire Barriers: Our fire barriers are designed to protect critical infrastructure like transformers from fire, heat, and gas explosion. The barriers are 60′ tall and can withstand 150 mph wind pressure. We also have barriers designed for hydroelectric plants and even nuclear facilities.
  • Battery Fire And Heat Barriers: Our battery barriers are especially designed to shield large battery arrays from spreading heat and fire and allow closer configuration of battery arrays where large spacing is not possible or practical. 
  •  Custom Fireproof Junction And Splice Boxes: Our boxes, cabinets, and containers are customized for fire protection. Doors, vents, fasteners, handles, hinges, and brackets of any size – all customized according to the client’s specifications.
  • Intumescent Solutions: At DuraBarrier USA, we design conduits, gaskets, and cable coatings for fire protection. We have the experience of protecting miles of wiring and cable from fire using innovative methods. We use intumescent materials that expand under intense heat to seal and protect important components and basalt to protect cables and conduits.

2.      Environment-Friendly: Sinisi Fire Barriers are environment friendly and are the perfect solution for transformers located at hydro electric substations or near waterways.  They are the perfect alternative to using dangerous chemicals or sprinkler systems that could wash dangerous pollutants into waterways causing environmental damage and expensive code violations.

3. Experience: DuraBarrier USA has over 30 years of experience protecting critical infrastructure, people, and things.

4.  Expertise: We use our expertise and experience to understand the requirements of our clients. We have also handled fire protection systems in healthcare facilities and educational institutions. Our fire barriers are modular, customizable, scalable, and can be used and configured or enhanced for many different industries and uses.

5. Leading Manufacturer: We manufacture top-notch quality fire barriers to protect life and property.

At DuraBarrier USA, we understand how valuable human life and critical infrastructure is. For all your safety and security concerns, we have the best solution. Place your trust in us when it comes to fire protection. Visit for more details.

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