You are currently viewing Recent Baltimore Neo-Nazi Plot Raises Need For Ballistic Protection at Substations
Sarah Clendaniel is a suspect in an alleged plot to attack Baltimore's power grid.

Recent Baltimore Neo-Nazi Plot Raises Need For Ballistic Protection at Substations

The recent neo-Nazi attack plot in Baltimore demonstrated the need for ballistic protection at all substations nationwide. The group planned to target a substation and disrupt the power supply of the city in the hopes of causing chaos & riots. This incident highlights why it is important to have ballistic barriers in place at all of our country’s substations.

Substations are vulnerable targets for attacks as they are essential for electricity distribution and can be easily accessed by attackers. Very few are currently protected from physical attacks with guns or explosives. Ballistic barriers can act as an effective deterrent against such attacks, preventing them from happening in the first place. They can also provide protection to personnel working in these areas, ensuring their safety during any potential attacks.

Ballistic Barriers provide “line of sight” protection to vulnerable transformers while also resisting gunfire and explosions to prevent collateral damage.

Ballistic barriers are an important part of critical infrastructure protection. They are designed to resist gunfire and protect substations from attacks. The ballistic barriers we use are one of the most popular types of ballistic barriers used to protect substations. They provide a high level of protection against various kinds of weapons and can withstand multiple shots from different types of firearms.

These ballistic barriers can be used in a variety of ways to protect substations from attacks, ranging from small-scale residential applications to large-scale industrial operations. With their superior strength and durability, Sinisi ballistic barriers provide an effective solution for protecting critical infrastructure from armed attackers.

The security of our nation’s power grid is a top priority. With Sinisi Solutions, you can protect your substation from domestic terrorist attacks and ward off attackers. Sinisi Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of products and services designed to protect critical infrastructure. From Ballistic Transformer Barriers to Fire/Explosion Proof Enclosures, Sinisi Solutions has the technology to help you secure your substation and keep it safe from potential attacks. With their advanced technology, Sinisi Solutions can help protect your substation from domestic terrorist attacks and ensure that our nation’s power grid remains secure.