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Protecting Wires and Cables from Fire

Cables and wires are a major part of electrical infrastructure and often they have to be configured in a specific way and run across cable trays to meet electrical codes.   Cable tray assemblies like this are typically used in major industrial and transportation applications like train tunnels and commercial buildings.  Keeping these cables exposed and hanging out in the open in the trays puts them at risk to hazards like fires and explosions, and can lead to catastrophic power failure if they are damaged.  These cables used to be buried in concrete to protect them,  but as new technologies begin to emerge, the latest innovation is the use of  cable tray fire stopping barriers. These easy and modular bolt-on fireproof barriers surround cable tray arrangements to protect from fire, and blasts to keep the cables themselves unharmed while still allowing easy access to the cables themselves when maintenance is necessary.  These barriers are so effective that they can even withstand a 2 Bar C4 blast.

Installing A Cable Tray Fire Stopping Barrier

It is important to consult a qualified engineer who can visit the installation site, assess your specific needs, and recommend an informed choice. The most important factors to consider are the installation and usage environment, as these dictate the rest of the specifications.

These barriers can be easily bolted around your cable tray assembly and are a modern alternative to encasing cables in concrete.  The modular nature of these barriers allow them to be pre-configured to fit your facility exactly the way you need it to be.  Especially if you need to get to the cable assembly later in time, doors can be easily installed.  

Other Uses of a Cable Tray Fire Barrier

Cable tray fire barriers are versatile and adaptable to varying needs.  Since the configuration is completely modular, they can be used for many applications like train tunnels, where fire and explosions are a major concern and industrial buildings.  These barriers provide a 29 PSI Over Pressure Protection Equivalent to a 700 MPH Wind and have become the modern choice to encasing cables in concrete, which can become problematic later on.

Always Seek Professional Help

Cable tray fire barriers require proper design and installation by a qualified engineer. Learn more about how DuraBarrier USA can protect your electrical infrastructure from fire and blasts at: 

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