NY NJ Critical Infrastructure Protection

Ensuring Power Grid Reliability and Safety in New York and New Jersey

New York and New Jersey are media and travel hubs for the entire United States.  Newark Liberty International Airport, JFK International Airport,  Laguardia Airport, and the NY Port Authority are some of the most important transportation centers for the country, both taking national and international travelers.  It’s important that these travel hubs remain powered.  On top of that, you also have they NYC subway system and NJ Transit lines which serve as an essential means of transportation for this region.

NYC alone uses 11, 000 Megawatt-hours of electricity per day.  Nearly 60 percent of New York state’s electricity is consumed by NYC, which only produces around 40% of it.  A combination of nuclear, natural gas, and hydroelectric (including Niagara falls, along with 180 others) power the state.

A standard part of the electric arsenal for NYC are generators called “peakers,” which are needed to keep the grid reliable but might run only a few days a year. New York City has about 16 such plants, mostly around the waterfront, which spring into action on the hottest days of the year or if transmission lines or power plants upstate malfunction. Some sit on barges, and all are designed to switch on quickly. The trade-off for the rapid response is usually higher costs and carbon emissions.  Sometimes NYC can act as a bottleneck for the grid, so it is very important that all power producing methods remain active and efficient.  It’s important to mitigate any type of disaster such as fire so that the spread to other transformers at substations or batteries does not cause a domino effect catastrophe.

In NJ, almost all of the electricity generates is with Nuclear power or Natural Gas.  That means a lot of transformers and substations throughout the state need to be kept safe and operational.  Like NY, NJ’s infrastructure relies on the efficient and constant operation of these substations.  DuraBarrier USA has played a major role in keeping these substations up and running with the use of innovative fire barrier solutions to mitigate disaster from spreading from one transformer to another.  With our fire barrier experts always protecting, you be rest easy that the power you need can get to your home or business.