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Fire Barrier Consulting & Education

Fire safety is an ever-present concern in every setting. In industrial setups, property owners are obligated to meet or exceed set regulations. To this end, you can count on DuraBarrier USA for firewall barrier installation. We’re a trusted industry leader in fire barrier installation and consulting. But what’s the point of installing fire barriers? The benefits outlined below underscore their significance:

  • Averting property damage and loss – imagine the loss a business would lose if their property got damaged by fire. Fire barriers help contain and protect against fires, limiting the damage they can cause, including loss of life.
  • Promoting operations – with the assurance that your property is safe, operations can continue without disruption. And in case of a fire, the damage is easier to contain, implying recovery can happen quickly.
  • Reducing insurance premiums – fire barriers help minimize risk and establish trust with your insurer, allowing you to renegotiate rates.
  • Noise reduction – fire barriers are effective in providing sound attenuation, often required for certain areas. For instance, in healthcare, soundproofing is necessary to protect patient privacy and maintain a peaceful environment.

At DuraBarrier USA, we educate and consult on optimal fire barrier installation and design for our clients. The destructive effect of fire on personnel, equipment, and facilities drives our passion for providing world-class fire protection designs and products.

Our involvement in the design process helps ensure your fire barriers can protect against the hazards they were designed for. With that in mind, the tips below can ensure you maximize your fire barrier’s effectiveness:

Choose Tested Fire Barrier Systems

It’s preferable to opt for tested and rated fire barrier systems instead of customized solutions based on engineering analysis. Tested systems are what we like to call ‘Safe by Design’ at Durabarrier USA. For instance, firms in various industries trust our fire barrier systems due to their excellent performance in independent fire tests.

That means should the unexpected happen, you can count on our systems to safeguard lives and avert property damage. Our experienced team of engineers, technicians, and installers also ensure your firewall barrier is installed correctly for maximum safety.

We design barrier systems based on our client’s needs, ensuring the solutions meet code, safety, and security requirements. To ensure our clients get quality results, we provide comprehensive consulting services, including education on fire safety, compliance, and installation basics. We also offer maintenance advice to keep your system in top condition over the years.

Specify Project Requirements for Safety

The project details you provide a contractor determine the type of barrier system they’ll use. For instance, if a particular area calls for materials with higher ratings, specify that in your project requirements. Other considerations include the type of fire barrier and installation method. Our experts can help you identify materials best suited for your project.

Using clear and precise language in specifications can ensure safety. For instance, direct the architect to detail the rated conditions, such as a “1-hour fire-rated barrier.” This makes it easier to find a suitable firewall barrier that meets the ratings and requirements of your project. The architect may also partner with fire protection experts to pick and choose the proper wording for your project specifications.

Factor the Cost in Your Budget

Materials used to create fire barriers can affect your overall budget as they are pricier than traditional building materials. To ensure your project falls within budget, factor in the cost of materials and installation methods ahead of time. Our team can also help you identify ways to cut costs while providing adequate protection that meets safety requirements.

Generally, a budget ensures you can allocate the right resources to the project. It also helps you maintain control of costs throughout the process while preventing cost overruns. If you need assistance setting a budget for your project, our experts can provide valuable advice.

Integrate Fire Barriers into the Design

Often, a fire-rated system must be integrated into the structure’s design. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, as this might lead to costly modifications or redesign. The expert Durabarrier team can help you design barriers that fit your aesthetic preferences while providing adequate protection. This involves selecting materials, finishes, and designs that complement the architecture and surrounding features.

Integrating fire barriers into the design also helps ensure they meet applicable codes and standards, such as fire-resistance ratings. This is vital for commercial settings, as some may require a two- to four-hour fire rating. Thus, the planning phase should include the design of a fire-rated system that meets these requirements.

Ensure Proper Installation for Optimal Protection

Selecting the right fire barrier system and failing to install it properly is counterproductive. To ensure your barriers are properly installed, partner with experienced and certified professionals. For instance, they can examine the selected substrate (concrete comes to mind) for compatibility, gaps, or irregularities before installation.

This ensures your system can perform as expected in case of a fire. If the substrate isn’t UL-rated, installing a UL-rated fire barrier won’t guarantee protection. For starters, UL-rating means the system has passed a series of tests and can provide adequate protection.

Expect Curve Balls During Installation

Even the best-laid plan can go sideways. Sure, you’ve probably meticulously selected a fire barrier, designed the system, picked the right contractor, and allocated a budget – but things can still go wrong during installation.

For instance, cables and pipes in walls can get in the way. Other times, you may need additional materials to account for irregularities. Thus, plan to make adjustments, as necessary to accommodate such issues.

Ideally, choose a system proven to work under similar conditions to ensure effective smoke and fire prevention. This also implies avoiding non-tested conditions as they may put your property’s occupants at risk or void your fire rating.

We owe it to ourselves and our clients to ensure maximum safety. At Durabarrier USA, we go beyond providing solutions and offer expertise and knowledge on installing a fire barrier system to preserve various structures. You can also learn more about our services by checking out our website at While at it, consider partnering with us if you need a fire barrier system for your industrial or commercial building.

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