transformer fire barrier

Transformer Fire Barrier

Modular transformer fire and explosion barrier customized to your size and site conditions. Barriers are rated for separation from both sides and available in any height to 60’ tall. These fire barriers protect building, people, sensitive equipment, critical infrastructure and other transformers from transformer fire and explosion and are deployed at 100’s of substations across the United States. The product installs quickly and easily on pier foundations up to 16’ OC and design wind loads up to 152 MPH. Installations meet NFPA 850 for Line of Sight protection compliance. Meets insurance requirements.

Google Maps view of a completed site:

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Fire & Explosion Protection

Modular, Scalable Design

Substation Protection

Customized Solutions

Meets NFPA 850 Requirements

Minimise Liability

Maximise Grid resilience

Mitigate Threat & VIolations


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