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Construction up to 60'
Construction up to 60'

Modular Fire Barriers are designed and
fabricated to protect buildings, people,
sensitive equipment, critical infrastructure
and other transformers from transformer fires
and explosion. These particular barriers are
deployed at 100’s of substations across the
United States.


  • Transformer Separations
  • Fire and Explosion Protection
  • Modular Scalable Design
  • Substation Protection
  • Customized Solutions
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Minimize Liability
  • Maximize Grid Resilience
  • Mitigate Threat and Violation


  • Heights to 60' at 150 mph wind load
  • Modular Design shipped ready to install
  • Low cost containment
  • Customizable protection
  • NFPA 850 and fire code compliant
  • Meets separation requirements for
    dangerous equipment
  • Assemblies are prefabricated and
    shipped to remedy violations
  • Turn key solution
Pre-Designed Barrier Protecting Critical Infrastructure
Pre-Designed Barrier Protecting Critical Infrastructure
transformer fire wall design
Customized to your specific needs.

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