Cable, Joint Wraps, & IED Blankets

Protecting Cables & Wires From Fire Damage


Cabling fire barriers can include hard panel raceways, conduits, shafts, wraps, gaskets, sleeves, separators or cable coatings designed to protect from fire and heat. We have protected hundreds of miles of critical cable and wiring above and below ground using innovative methods and cable fire barriers customized to provide protection WITHOUT de-rating the cable. We utilize basalt, intumescent materials, phenolics and hard panel solutions to offer you the most effective approach to protecting cable, cable trays, conduit and racks.

  • Proprietary high performance textile joint and cable wraps and blankets provide protection from explosion, arc flash and fire
  • Designs offer “out of the box” protection in critical areas
  • Contain explosions, minimize collateral damage, contain fire and let out the heat without de-rating the cable
  • Intumescent coated wraps are designed to expand and protect from fire, smoke and heat
  • Auxetic capabilities capture shrapnel from IED’s and explosions
  • Installation of fire barrier systems often require the use of textile and innovative materials, and designs to meet site demands and conditions
  • Customizations include curtains, separations, blankets, covers and all types of sizes and shapes providing protection using innovations including basalt, ballistic nylons and special auxetic configurations that provide flexibility, protection and unlimited customization to meet your needs and requirements

    fire barriers, firewall construction, critical infrastructure protection