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Building Safety Starts With Fire Rated Panels: Protect Your Investment

Safety is one of those things that every business owner must not compromise. For some, this means installing fire partitions and smoke alarms. Others might consider adding sprinklers or other safety features in their building as well.  The safety of your building depends on many things, including the type of materials used inside the building, how those materials are stored, and if there is anything combustible nearby, such as gas tanks or flammable liquids. Installing fire-rated panels is usually the go-to option for commercial property, as they have a proven track record of preventing extensive fire damage.

What Makes Fire-Rated Panels Combustion-Proof?

Fire-rated panels are designed to withstand high temperatures and keep your building safe from fires. And the only way to do this is by using special materials in the construction of these panels. These materials may not be combustible themselves, but they can still catch on fire if exposed to high levels of heat for an extended period. Still, the panels limit how far the fire spreads.

The best fire-rated panels will have at least two layers on non-combustible material to protect your building from flames and gases that are released during a fire. The first layer on the panel is usually made of gypsum or Rock wool, which creates an airtight seal around whatever item you want to protect. This will help control smoke so it does not fill up your building, causing problems for everyone inside.

Where To Use Fire Rated Panels

Fire-rated panels can be used anywhere in your building, including hallways, bathrooms, offices, and storage spaces. They are easy to install and will go into the drywall on all four sides of the panel as well as into a bottom track that is also attached to the wall. This allows for flexibility during installation so you can create the best fit for your panels.

These panels can be used in new construction or renovations, so it is easy to add them to any building project you are working on now. However, the only way to know if these types of panels are right for you is to speak with a contractor about your options.

Who Can Benefit From Installing Fire-Rated Panels?

Anyone who is concerned for the safety of their building and employees can benefit from installing fire-rated panels. This includes homeowners, business owners, contractors, architects, or anyone else responsible for a commercial space that deals with combustible products. 

It is also important to note that these panels can also be used in residential spaces as well. If you live in a house, apartment, or condo with close neighbors and are worried about the safety of your property during a fire, this might be the right choice for you too.

If you are interested in learning more about fire-rated panels, visit our website for more information on how you can include fire protection in your project. We are always happy to help you find the best way to keep your property safe from fires.


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