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Ballistic Security Barriers Deter and Delay Active Shooters – TSS

A recent trend in the news is the uptick in attacks on substations. These attacks, which often target the energy infrastructure that powers our homes and businesses, can cause equipment malfunctions and massive power outages. They also endanger the lives of utility workers. These attacks are becoming more common today, raising concerns among security experts and government agencies. One explanation for the increase in attacks is the growing number of extremists targeting utilities and governments in order to spread fear and disrupt our normal day-to-day life.

So how can we protect ourselves and our communities from attacks on substations? A Ballistic Barrier can save lives and valuable assets from damage. 

Research shows that obstacles, human or physical infrastructure, can significantly reduce the number and extent of damages. As a result, many organizations are desperate for practical solutions to help them identify, prevent, delay, and eliminate active attackers. These shields significantly reduce the time it takes to detect and defend against active attackers. As bulletproof walls deter and delay intruders, they significantly boost a facility’s deterrence degree.

The Causes Of Gunfire Attacks On Substations

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons for attacks on substations is to cause fear and disruption. Some extreme political individuals or organizations see the energy grid as a perfect target to spread terror and disrupt society. In addition, some substations need more physical security. Most substations are typically located in rural areas and may need more fencing or surveillance equipment to deter attackers.

Moreover, substations are a vital component of the power grid. Therefore, successful attacks on them can cause significant power outages and equipment malfunctions, making them a popular target for criminals attempting to disrupt the power supply to extort money from utilities.

Unfortunately, many of our substations remain unguarded and unprotected making them easy targets for extremists. It can lead to targeted attacks on vulnerable substations. It’s worth noting that the increasing frequency of these attacks recently has security experts and government agencies concerned.

Consequences Of Substation Attacks

Attacks on substations can severely impact power grids and the populations that depend on them. Likely impacts include:

Blackouts: Because substations are essential power grid components, attacks can cause widespread power outages or disruptions. Power outages can last for several days or weeks, depending on the extent of the damage.

Damage To Plant Equipment: Firearm strikes can cause severe damage to substation equipment, such as switchgear, transformers, and other electrical parts. Repairing these damages can be costly and time-consuming.

They Pose A Risk To Utility Personnel: During an attack, utility employees on substation property are at risk of injury or loss of life. There may be a shortage of personnel to fix the problem and restore power.

Economic Ramifications: Power outages can have a substantial economic impact by forcing businesses and sectors that depend on energy to close or operate at a lower capacity. This results in lost revenue and job losses.

Public Safety Concerns: Power outages also impact public safety, as they can affect emergency services or other critical infrastructure.

Impact On The Environment: Oil leaks or other environmental hazards from substation attacks can have long-term consequences for the nearby ecosystem.

Attacks on substations significantly impact the power grid and the population that depends on it. Therefore, it’s critical to take preventive measures against such attacks while having a strategy in place in case they do occur.

Ballistic Barriers As A Security Measure In Substations

Ballistic barriers offer several advantages for protecting substations against firearms attacks. These advantages include the following;

Physical Defense: These physical barriers can withstand firearm impacts. They make it difficult for an attacker to enter a substation and cause damage or disrupt the power supply.

Security Personnel Protection: Ballistic barriers also protect security personnel, allowing them to engage the attacker while being less vulnerable to gunfire safely.

Improved Security: As part of a comprehensive and efficient security strategy, ballistic barriers enhance security along with security systems such as intrusion detection systems, surveillance cameras, and security personnel.

Minimizing The Effects Of An Attack: You can install ballistic barriers to reduce the potential impact of an attack. For example, you can install redundant systems to maintain power.

Cost-Effective: Adding ballistic barriers to an existing substation and customizing them to your needs is an affordable way to protect your substation.

Customizable: You can customize ballistic barriers to fit your substation architecture and safety requirements to provide the best protection.

Durability: Ballistic barriers are designed to withstand multiple attacks, making them a long-term solution for substation protection.

FM Global Fire Prevention Program

Fighting fires in industrial or commercial buildings can be difficult and costly. That’s why it pays to prepare your department thoroughly because having the right equipment and knowledge is critical to minimizing damages during emergencies. Fortunately, FM Global provides funding and support to fire departments to better respond to industrial fire disasters. With FM Global’s fire prevention grant initiative and fire suppression training, fire departments are equipped to fight industrial fires in extensive facilities.

Their training and tools include:

  • Flammable gasses and liquids
  • Extinguishing fires in buildings with sprinkler systems
  • Inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire protection technologies
  • Fire incidents in commercial and industrial facilities
  • Preparation for fire events.

FM Global is one of the world’s leading commercial property insurers and has extensive fire loss prevention experience. In addition, the company’s engineers have extensive knowledge of fire protection. Working with FM Global can help departments better protect the properties they control.

We hope that no institution will ever face an active threat. Unfortunately, knowing when and where to expect these unfortunate incidents of active shooter attacks is impossible. No wonder an ideal ballistic security barrier can help protect your vulnerable entrances from attack and save lives. Ballistic safety barriers from DuraBarrier USA provide maximum ballistic protection and hazard shielding from high-caliber automatic weapons or projectiles. Our fully customizable shields and ballistic fire barriers are designed to deploy quickly and intelligently to protect people, critical infrastructure, and assets.

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