Fire Ballistic Explosion Noise Hazard Barrier Experts

Sinisi brings 30 years of experience in designing and deploying customized modular fire barrier installations:

Industrial & Commercial Transformers

Meets FM Global Insurance Standards
For many industrial facilities, transformer failure poses a great risk for extended downtime and financial loss. Our barriers are recommended by leading insurance providers to meet transformer loss prevention standards.


Fire & Ballistic Protection For Critical Infrastructure
Sinisi Solutions provides fire & ballistic barriers and shields to utilities across the country. These installations protect entire metropolitan areas from major outages due to transformer fires and explosions due to natural events or attacks.

Regulatory Compliance

Meeting Strict Environmental Regulations
Sinisi Solutions modular fire barriers eliminate the need for often banned carcinogenic foams and deluge systems that can contaminate the environment.


Protecting Large Battery Arrays
As battery installations grow in size and number, Sinisi Solutions fire barriers provide separation and protection from cascading failure and reduce spacing requirements.


Protecting Hydrogen filling stations
As Hydrogen becomes a more viable fuel source, Sinisi Solutions has played an integral part in expanding the fuel station network by providing enclosures & barriers at fueling stations that make code compliance simple.

LNG & Fuel Storage

Protecting From Jet Fire & Explosions
Fire barriers are essential where fuel is stored under pressure or transferred from liquid to gas form. Sinisi Solutions designs jet fire and explosion barriers tailored to each unique fuel storage & conversion configuration.

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At Sinisi Solutions, we specialize in using innovative fire barrier solutions to protect against damage, loss, and injuries caused by transformer fires, gas explosions, and other critical disasters. We care about your unique requirements and what worries you the most, which is why we listen closely to your concerns. Our goal is to create custom safety solutions, known as “Safe By Design,” that fit your specific needs.   Our approach not only enhances safety but also helps you meet the necessary insurance standards for a well-rounded protection plan and ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster.


We offer modular fire barrier design and code compliance training for professionals, engineers, and risk management teams.


We offer on site inspection of your facility to assess your risk of fire or explosion and adherence to NFPA codes.


We custom engineer fire barrier configurations for your facility and deploy certified installation teams nationwide.

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