Reduce Noise By 29-99 Decibels

Our noise barriers are built to significantly muffle the noise made by loud equipment while still offering the highest level of protection against fire, explosion, and ballistic attack. These barriers are ideal for urban environments and other areas where avoiding a noise violation is desired.

Noise barriers can be useful for protecting critical infrastructure in public places such as schools, hospitals, or residential areas.

Noise barriers can also be used to satisfy noise levels required by building codes or insurance.

  • Modular Noise Barriers with designs to 60′ tall and 150 MPH wind load
  • Assemblies designed to provide up to 99 decibels of noise reduction
  • Modular Fire Barriers are designed and customized to meet your site and project specifications while saving time and money
  • We provide the lowest cost for protection, compliance and simple installation
  • Environmentally friendly and modular
  • Provide easy maintenance access
  • Customizations include access doors, pier spacing, uneven grade designs, parapet designs, penetrations and fire stops, underground cable considerations for large and small noise barriers and separations

    fire barriers, firewall construction, critical infrastructure protection