Slim Line Barrier

Fire barrier designed to fit in tight spaces. Excellent for the addition of protection at existing sites or around schools or public areas where real estate is not available. The barriers are rated from one or both sides and can be installed close to equipment and buildings – saving space and providing protection using the smallest barrier possible. Our modular barriers use the least space below ground too – with wide space piers and customized designs where we can move the pier to avoid any underground obstacles you may have – saving time and money, minimizing down time, underground site work, and disturbance.


Mobile (UBarrier)

40’ tilt wall fire barrier installed on flatbed – ready to deploy at any time. These barriers provide 20’ high by 40’ long protection, deploying in minutes to protect critical assets from fire, natural disaster, or terrorist threat. Flat bed – loaded with barriers – strategically deployed and warehoused in the best possible deploy locations – ready to be deployed where and when you need them most. Multiple barriers can be deployed and interconnected to provide a longer wall up to 1200 feet. Innovative protection option and strategy for critical airports, marine/port and storage facilities.

manhole and vault fire barriers

Manhole-Vault-Interior Barrier

Underground separation barriers, curtains, and shelves often separate critical pipes, conduits, equipment, and controls from one another for protection from a fire and to minimize collateral damage from heat and fire. Our vault and manhole protection fire barriers are designed for tough environments and to fit in tight spaces. Many designs offer easy removal and replacement for manhole access and maintenance. Rig hooks, custom sizes and configurations, and the ability to protect from fire, heat, and explosion make our innovative materials and solutions the best choice for safe underground protection barriers. Our interior separation barrier is designed for tight spaces indoors. This two hour fire barrier maintains integrity for up to six hours.

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