Always Protecting™

We provide rated wall modules for GIS substations and buildings where protection from fire, blast, ballistic event, heat, noise, IED and security is required. Add to existing construction or new design by using innovative materials and assemblies which add protection, threat mitigation, separation and containment.

Fire barriers are used sub-grade to protect infrastructure and provide containment in an incident.

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  • Rated protection buildings, walls or separations for to protect critical areas and equipment
  • Assemblies can include customization or all types - doors, windows, frames, penetration openings - all to heights of 60' Excellent alternative for utilities, plants, airports, marine terminals and facilities where protection is needed and required.
  • Wall coverings, size and configuration designs to add fire rating in small spaces, acces protection and product innovation from design to fabrication
  • Add materials and assemblies or build new to provide protection from fire, blast, arc flash and heat.
What We Fix: Openings In The Manhole
What We Fix: Openings In The Manhole
Manhole Fire Board Options
Manhole Fire Board Options
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