Tunnel Fire & Blast Protection

Always Protecting™

We provide rated wall modules for GIS substations and buildings where protection from fire, blast, ballistic event, heat, noise, IED and security is required. Add to existing construction or new design by using innovative materials and assemblies which add protection, threat mitigation, separation and containment.

Our barriers are used sub-grade to protect infrastructure and provide containment in an incident. Underground separation barriers, curtains and shelves often separate critical pipes, conduits, equipment and controls from one another for protection from a fire and to minimize collateral damage from heat and fire. Our vault and manhole protection barriers are designed for tough environments and made to fit into tight spaces. Many designs are easy to remove and provide easy manhole access and maintenance. We can install rig hooks, custom sizes and configurations to protect from fire, heat and explosion making our innovative materials and solutions the best choice for safe, underground protection barriers. 

fire barriers, firewall construction, critical infrastructure protection