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Intumescent Solutions for Fire Barriers

We provide coatings, gaskets, inserts, boxes, forms, shapes, sizes, configurations, and formulations of intumescent solutions for fire barriers. Our intumescent solutions are customized for rapid gassing and expansion under fire and heat conditions to displace oxygen and snuff out the fire at the source. We provide cutting edge innovation in the use and application of intumescent fire proofing to contain gas, smoke, heat, and hazards and offer protection. For protection of cables, control boxes, or vaults, we offer flexible, single-coat intumescent paints, wraps, sleeves, and coverings, providing excellent fire protection in challenging environments. We provide customization with all types of intumescent innovation, design, and application for today’s fire protection. Finally, hard plastic panel intumescent customization for shelves, panels, and your other needs are available.

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Basalt Enhanced Textile

Basalt is the new miracle fire protection material. Made from volcanic rock and able to withstand 2500 degrees for unlimited time while having 3x the tensile strength of steel. Basalt’s natural fire resistance, heat resistance, and strength make it a consideration for use in projects where new, cost effective approaches, products, materials, and applications are desired – the properties of basalt are amazing and the performance of our basalt based textile and thread is unmatched. Our basalt textile is woven from pure basalt rock, taking advantage of basalt’s incredible fire protection properties while adding the flexibility and mobility of a fabric. Basalt materials are providing tomorrow’s solutions for protection against fire, heat, and explosion.

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Basalt Products

We are the leader in using basalt as a fire barrier to separate electric from gas and to protect vaults, lines, and critical infrastructure in the US. Our new innovations and fire barrier experience source basalt pipes, conduit, panels, boxes, shelves, textiles, powders, and threads to innovate protection, design, performance, and safety. New milled basalt additives and powders can enhance fire proofing ability of intumescents and paints.

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