“Always Protecting™”


We provide rated wall modules for GIS substations and buildings where protection from fire, blast, ballistic event, heat, noise, IED and security is required.ballistic or ied EVENT is required. Add to existing construction or new design using innovative materials and assemblies adding protection, threat mitigation, separation and containment.

Fire barriers are used subgrade to protect infrastructure and provide containment in an incident.

manhole and vault fire barriers IMG_2878


Our noise barriers are built to significantly muffle the noise made by loud equipment while still offering the highest level of protection against fire, explosion, and ballistic attack. These barriers are ideal for urban environments and other areas where avoiding a noise violation is desired.

Noise barriers can be useful for protecting critical infrastructure in public places or around schools, hospitals, or residential areas.

Noise barriers can also be used to satisfy noise levels required by building codes or insurance.


We provide coatings, gaskets, inserts, boxes, forms, shapes, sizes, configurations, and formulations of intumescent solutions for fire barriersOur intumescent solutions are customized for rapid gassing and expansion under fire and heat conditions to displace oxygen and snuff out the fire at the source. We provide cutting edge innovation in the use and application of intumescent fire proofing to contain gas, smoke, heat, and hazards and offer protection. For protection of cables, control boxes, or vaults, we offer flexible, single-coat intumescent paints, wraps, sleeves, and coverings, providing excellent fire protection in challenging environments. We provide customization with all types of intumescent innovation, design, and application for today’s fire protection. Finally, hard plastic panel intumescent customization for shelves, panels, and your other needs are available.

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