Healthcare & Bio Barriers

"Always Protecting™"

Health care facilities must prepare their facilities to evacuate non-ambulatory patients from one side of the floor to the other… behind a fire wall. It is important to properly repair openings fire walls to contain incidents and save lives. Fire Barrier Experts has set the standard for the industry providing mobile documentation solutions to large facilities, hospitals, universities and critical structures. Designed to contain fire, smoke, and heat, our Bio Barriers also prevent the spread of toxic gas. Our proven systems and methods have generated many healthcare industry standard techniques used by throughout the industry. Fire Barrier Experts has taken a leadership role in educating healthcare engineers and professionals in effective methods for barrier management in a critical environment. We help with compliance while saving you time and money.

  • Safeguards people from injury due to fire, smoke and toxic materials inhalation
  • Avoids fire, smoke, biological, radio-logical, chemical, or toxic gas spread to adjacent property
  • Facilitates emergency services activities
  • Has architectural and engineering design elements which include cost control, risk aversion and liability management
  • Complies with NFPA, Joint Commission and CARF for Healthcare, etc.
  • Assists with isolation and containment
  • Lowers risk aversion
  • Provides emergency preparedness
  • Stores hazardous materials in designated areas
  • Ideal for the following facilities:
    • Hospitals and Long Term Care Compliance
    • Special Needs, Rehabilitation and Senior CareFacilities
    • Residential or Commercial buildings
    • Mission Critical Infrastructure and Secure Facilities
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