"Always Protecting™"

Chemical, gas, and fuel storage facility protection barriers designed and installed to protect from explosion, blast, shrapnel, heat, hydrocarbon fuel exposure. Deployment at rail, marine and cargo facilities, fuel and energy storage facilities, tank farms, pipelines, chemical and processing facilities to eliminate risk and minimize collateral damage in an explosion event. Modular Fire Barriers are designed and customized to meet your site and project specifications saving time and money.

  • Fire, Ballistic, Blast, Heat, Jet Fire, Blast, Explosion, Fuel and Gas Fire, IED Barriers
  • Designs to 60′ Tall and 150 MPH wind load
  • Assemblies are shovel ready and designed to provide 6 hours stability and integrity
  • Lowest cost for protection, compliance and simple installation
  • Environmentally friendly and modular
  • Provide easy maintenance access
  • Customizations include access doors, pier spacing, uneven grade designs, para pit designs, penetrations and fire stops, underground cable considerations for large and small fire barriers and separations.

    fire barriers, firewall construction, critical infrastructure protection