"Always Protecting™"

What are you looking to protect and what are you protecting it from? Defining your risk is step number one in finding an effective solution geared to your interests and needs. Substations, transformers, panels, controls, switches, buildings and houses, transmission, GIS- Gas insulated switch hazardous materials, storage areas, vaults and tunnels, switchgear, command and control, critical infrastructure, personnel. Using the following equation, your need will be evaluated:
When in terms of safety, there are many aspects of securing your critical infrastructure; some of which one may not even think of. The most common thought being the physical protection, however there are other aspects of defense of your property.

Types of Threats:

  • Cyber Attack- compromised systems and operation sequences
  • Physical Attack- compromised physical equipment
  • Coordinated Physical and Cyber- two prong approach
  • Insider Threat- employees or contractors working inside the facility
  • Natural Disasters- floods, tornados, lightening, etc.
  • Geo Magnetic Disturbance- solar flare, etc.
  • EMP- electric magnetic pulse
  • CBR Attack- chemical, biological, radiation
  • Nuclear Attack- distance is the key factor on survivability of equipment

Threat= the capability and intent to cause harm
Vulnerability= the weakness or susceptibility that makes the harm possible
Consequence= the resulting types of harm
NOTE- consequence is based on a particular vulnerability which is based on a particular threat and one possibly scenario