Our proven systems and methods have generated many healthcare industry standard techniques used by throughout the industry. LSE has taken a leadership role in educating healthcare engineers and professionals in effective methods for barrier management in a critical environment. We help with compliance and save money.

hospital doors


Customized fire rated doors for pedestrian, truck or unique use. We provide full design and fabrication of rated doors for use in new and existing construction where a rating is required for fire and enhanced rating for ballistics, heat or blast/explosion are also needed. Doors can be any size and utilize our unique rising butt hinge – always assuring the door stays closed and you are protected.


Fire rated panel buildings, houses (E-House), huts and sheds for use at utilities, fueling facilities and sites where fire rated protection requires the building to be rated. Building of any size, shape, design or requirement – we work with your architect and team to provide the proper look rated panels, skins and assemblies for your project. Our building can include windows, doors, rooms, ramps and full utilities. The buildings are modular in design, pre-assembled and delivered – ready to install on your foundation.

DuraBarrier USA Building Products joint wrap 2 joint wrap


Cabling fire barriers can include hard panel raceways, conduits, shafts, wraps, gaskets, sleeves, separators or cable coatings designed to protect from fire and heat. We have protected hundreds of miles of critical cable and wiring above and below ground using innovative methods and cable fire barriers customized to provide protection WITHOUT de-rating the cable. WE utilize basalt, intumescent materials, phenolics and hard panel solutions to offer you the most effective approach to protecting cable, cable trays, conduit and racks.

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