Our Fire Barriers are our specialty. We offer many different variations to fit your specific site needs, from reliable critical infrastructure protection, to barriers for energy protection, barriers for environmental considerations, and mobile and underground protection barriers.

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Fire barriers designed to protect transformers, substations, controls, equipment, and other critical infrastructure from explosion, fire, smoke, heat, and ballistic attack. Barriers are built up to 60′ tall and made to withstand up to 150 mph wind load.

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Battery Separator Barriers

Battery Separator Fire Barriers are rated to protect large energy storage systems and contain incidents from Arc Flash, Heat, Fire, and explosions. Our simple modular designs can be configured to fit any setup and arrangement.

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Gas and Energy Protection

Barriers designed to mitigate risk from fire and explosion caused by gas and energy stores, including jet fuel, gasoline, and hydrogen. The barriers are built to withstand explosions and hot gas fires.

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Environmental and Noise

Barriers designed to protect critical infrastructure and reduce environmental risk or disruption, including barriers designed for hydroelectric plants to replace harmful fire sprinklers, barriers built for nuclear facilities, and barriers designed to suppress noise.

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Manhole, Vault, and Mobile

Our barriers are built to provide underground protection, and are often used to protect manholes and vaults. We also offer mobile barrier variations, including the new UBarrier that can be transported and deployed as needed, and then relocated to another location when it is no longer needed.

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